Fukuoka Yard - Building Berth 144.5m×25m

Fukuoka yard is the urban shipyard which is located in the place of 3km from Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka city, and it is quite rare in Japan. Hakata Bay is spread in front, and we can see the shipyard below our eyes from the bridge of the Fukuoka Urban Expressway. Fukuoka prospered in trade, and was the gateway for inviting the foreign envoys.
And a ship took a duty to connect the way of the sea, as a vessel which was essential for trades and exchanges with foreign countries. Even now when the times changed, we are continuing to build ships in FUKUOKA to tie the seas and people in the world. 

main entrance 100ton crane pipe unit depot slipway

Nagasaki Yard - Building Berth 190m×36m

In 2004, we were able to launch a new shipyard in “Nagasaki” which is a famous city in history. In the history of Japan, Nagasaki was not only the gate for the cultural and economic exchanges but also the historical significant city on shipbuilding industry. Nagasaki Yard holds 40,000 dead weight ton class of building berth and the 1,000tons press machine which is rare in Japan and became the important shipyard which played a significant role for the development of Fukuoka Shipbuilding.
Making the historical ship from the historical city - Nagasaki, this is our next dream.

1000ton press machine assembly plant main entrance pipe unit depot slipway